Green Spring Racquet Club

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Tennis Academy at GSRC 2016-2017

The Tennis Academy at Green Spring Racquet Club

GSRC develops junior tennis players that have a desire, interest and willingness to learn and improve at tennis. Our mission is for our junior players to be confident in tournament play and compete at the high school/collegiate level.  Passion, talent and confidence are the principles our teaching pros instill early to promote maximum junior performance. 

The philosophy of TAG is to create independent individuals who are Champions on and off the court! TAG places a strong emphasis on learning technique and encourages strong academics. GSRC provides a quiet study area before the start of TAG classes and can provide tutoring through the GSTEF Foundation. 

All TAG students receive enrollment in the GRIPS Program. Through GRIPS skills tests, students develop mastery over their strokes, movement, shots, and mental game. GRIPS provides a roadmap for success, and students control the speed of their development.  Parents can also track their child’s progress.

On the website,, students can set up times to practice together with other TAG students and take part in the GSRC club ladder. GRIPS provides a roadmap for success and students control the speed of their development. Parents can also track their child’s progress. Click here for a GRIPS overview

Click here to read the TAG brochure

Click here to get the TAG application form


Junior Players: 24 weeks of classes, September 12, 2016 through March 5, 2017. Players must register for a minimum of two classes per week.

Mondays – Fridays, 4:30 – 6:30 pm and NEW Saturdays, 7:30 – 9:30 am, 7:30-8:00 am emphasis on fitness.

Due to the popularity of the TAG programs, spaces are limited on each day.

There is no TAG on Wednesdays.

On occasion Wednesdays will be used as a makeup day.

No classes November 21-27, 2016.  No Class December 25, 2016.  No classes April 10 – April 16, 2017 

TAG Policies 

All students in the TAG Program will receive free court time. Call one hour before and if a court is available, you get to play free for one hour, against another TAG student - no adults or other junior players permitted. Weekends will be limited due to tournament play.

Absentee policy: 24-hour notice is required to receive a makeup.  You must email Cheryl Saintsing  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

PROS CANNOT AUTHORIZE MAKE-UPS. Makeups are based on availability.

No Drop-Ins 

All TAG players must be GSRC members, and they must swipe their GSRC membership cards when entering the club.

TAG Days are based on GRIPS Color 

GSRC is very proud of our students’ success in the GRIPS program. With a strong emphasis on technique, all TAG participants are grouped appropriately so that pros can develop appropriate lesson plans for each group that is based on their skill level.

  • Mondays and Thursdays are for Junior GRIPS Red and above. These players are ages 13 and below. Orange, Green Dot, and Yellow Balls will be used to develop and reinforce USTA guidelines for these students and for USTA tournament play.  Junior Dark Green GRIPS will get consideration if space is available.
  • Tuesdays and Fridays are for advanced Tag players.
    All participants must be rated Green GRIP or above
    . Dark Blue GRIPS will get consideration if space is available.
  • Saturdays are for the intermediate and above TAG player. Participants must be rated Blue GRIP or above.

Please note that all participants registering for TAG need to have a GRIPS color on file at GSRC for the days they are signing up for.

*Free placements tests are available by scheduling an appointment with a GRIPS certified pro.