Green Spring Racquet Club

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The GRIPS Program at GSRC

GSRC uses the GRIPS program in the USTA 10-and-Under and also in the Tennis Academy Programs

GRIPS is a  program that objectively evaluates tennis students by clearly describing what skills are needed to advance to the next level of GRIPS.

GRIPS has 11 levels for juniors, and 11 levels for older students.  The skill sets at each level were carefully developed to allow a consistent and well planned progression of tennis capability and knowledge.

At each Level, the tennis racquet of a student has a particular color grip – similar to the colored belts of karate.

During GSRC’s tennis program classes, our tennis professionals focus on the skills that students need to advance to the next level.

To advance to the next GRIPS level, students must take a written Knowledge Test and also an On-Court Test that is administered by a GSRC Tennis Pro. Upon passing a test, students receive a certificate and a grip of the next level’s color.

The goal of the GRIPS program is to allow students to continually improve their tennis skills by having clear goals to get to the next level, and by having fun while working to get to that level.

Click here to visit the GRIPS website

How Does GRIPS Work?

  • On or before the first day of classes, each student will be given an initial GRIPS Placement Evaluation Test, to determine their first GRIPS Level and tennis racquet grip color.
  • The student and parent will be given an online GRIPS account, to learn about GRIPS, and to take the GRIPS Knowledge Test to advance to the next level.
  • During classes, our Tennis Pros will concentrate on developing the skills of each student to advance to the next level.
  • Near the end of each 12-week GSRC Program Session, students will be given GRIPS On-Court and written Knowledge Evaluation Tests, with the expectation they will advance to the next level.
  • Students may take GRIPS Tests during a session, but additional tests require a payment of $20.

The GRIPS Skills that are Required to Advance to the Juniors’ Dark Blue GRIPS Level

  • The On-Court is administered by a GSRC Tennis Professional on a 36’ court, with a Red ball
  • Physical skills include balance, ball toss and catch
  • Hitting skills include underhand serve with a bounce, forehands, and backhands, each successful in 2 out of 5 attempts, and 12 consecutive shots with the tennis pro.
  • Knowledge skills include identification of lines of the court, and how points are earned.
  • Students are encouraged to practice, study, and take sample tests before the actual test.